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Welcome to 'Bloodstar's Pain Fans' group! If you have read my Warrior cats fanfic 'Bloodstar's Pain' then join! Here we will submit FanArt about my story and I will submit the chapters! If you have doubts ask me or the co-founders!

(*This is a group for Warrior Cats Fans too, their OCs can be upload it in the collection 'Featured'*)

Here's some rules that you have to see if you want to join the group:
*~Watch the group~ *
*~You can roleplay with us!~*
*~Don't post any other Fan art unless is related to 'Bloodstar's Pain' or other Fanfics/stories that are said in 'Credits'~*
*~Any abusive comments or disrespect to other members will be kicked out of the group~*
*~You can submit memes, spoofs, ideas, comics, etc...~*
*~If you want your Warrior cats Oc in my story ask me and tell me their info and I will see~*
*~The FanArt will be included in the chapters and I will give credit~*
*~I will set sometimes contests and annoucements~*

That's all for now! Bye~! ^^
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Mar 21, 2016


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''Bloodstar's Pain'' Prologue

It was another day in BloodClan when Bloodstar heard a loud bark coming from the trees. Her niece Silkfur went to have a walk with her 3 kits, Lacekit, Ravenkit and Dawnkit a while ago. Worried that the dog could attack them, she ran where the bark was coming from. When she got there she saw Silkfur with pelt bristled, hissing at the dogs and protecting her kits while they were running frightened to a bush. Bloodstar turned and saw a white tom with blue eyes, Milkpelt...
Bloodstar felt the evil in Milkpelt's eyes as he saw the dogs growl at Silkfur... He did this to kill Silkfur and her kits for revenge! Bloodstar panicked ''Oh Starclan no!''
She ran in front of Silkfur and scratched one of the dogs to keep Silkfur safe. 
''Run Silkfur! Save your kits!'' she yowled as she saw a dog barking at her. ''I can't leave you alone Bloodstar!'' Silkfur told her looking back at her kits and check if they were safe, but Bloodstar refused to risk Silkfur's life '
:iconladymaliah:LadyMaliah 5 43
''Bloodstar's Pain'' Chapter 1~
~''New kits in Thunderclan''~
-Thunderclan awoke by the sound of soft and little meows of kits that came from the nursery begging for milk and the warmth of their mother. Whitetiger, a white and black-tabby she-cat gave birth to her 3 newborn kits after a few hours of kitting.
''Oh, aren't they beautiful Featherwhisker?'' the queen purred licking her kits' head.
''Yes and very healthy Whitetiger, I'm proud of you'' the medicine-cat apprentice smiled looking at his nephew and 2 nieces. Snowfur meowed happy ''Congratulations Whitetiger! I hope I had more kits'' she said looking at her son Whitekit and daughter Thistlekit that were sleeping next to her ''Thanks Snowfur... Can you call Darkdawn? I want him to see his kits'' she looked at Featherwhisker that nodded and walked towards the warriors' den while Goosefeather went back to his den and got some sleep after the kitting ''I'm too old for these things...'' he said growling while walking towards his nest.
''W-where's Whitetiger!? Is sh
:iconladymaliah:LadyMaliah 5 50
''Bloodstar's Pain'' Chapter 2~
~''Thunderclan and the kits''~
-Days later, Redkit tried to open her eyes ''Come on, you can do it!'' She thought as she slowly saw a white-grey tabby tom smiling at her excited ''Yay! You've opened your eyes! I opened them before you~'' Cloudkit teased Redkit but she wasn't listening to him, she was only looking around the nursery ''Do you know how boring it's to be here all day!...'' he rolled his blue eyes  ''Hush!'' Whitetiger whispered ''You're gonna awake Robinwing'' she sighed. ''Sorry'' Cloudkit apologized looking at the ground ''...I was just excited because Redkit opened her eyes'' Whitetiger smiled at his words ''Oh, really?'' she asked ''Yes!'' Redkit giggled and opened her eyes wide for her mother ''Wow! You've got pretty eyes my little warrior!... I never saw those colors'' ''W-what color are they!?'' she meowed excited ''They are yellow eyes with blue iris!'' Cloudkit said ''Woah!'' she thought ''Can we go out to the camp, pleeeease!?''
:iconladymaliah:LadyMaliah 4 4
''Bloodstar's Pain'' Chapter 3~
~"Every thing has its slaughter"~
The days kept passing in Thunderclan, Redkit and Cloudkit were 4 moons now, Whitetiger was less protective with her kits but she still worried about them. Redkit passed more time with Thistlekit and Whitekit in the Clan while Cloudkit was more with Tigerkit learning those battles moves that he watched from Thistleclaw before he was an apprentice in a moon. But that day... was when all ocurred...
''I'm apprentice in a moon! Finally!'' Tigerkit meowed excited jumping and unsheathing his claws ''Well, I'm an apprentice in two moons!'' Cloudkit smiled ''I want Thistleclaw for mentor'' he smiled ''Not, if Sunstar chooses him to be MY mentor'' Cloudkit teased ''Pst... I'm much stronger than you!'' Tigerkit rolled his amber eyes ''Stop that guys!'' Redkit meowed annoyed ''Sunstar will choose whoever he wants and you've been like that all day, saying you're 'the best' won't make you better warriors only foolish cats'' she blinked ''Ow yeah, let's listen to the
:iconladymaliah:LadyMaliah 4 8
''Bloodstar's Pain'' Chapter 4~

~*Poor unfortunate soul*~
-Redpaw awoke to the fresh scent of morning, it was her first night on the apprentices' den since Cloudkit's death. She yawned and streched full of energy for her first lesson but a bit sad for the cause that today wasn't a kit anymore, her brother that died killed by a badger. Redpaw still regretted that she didn't do anything to save him but that already passed and went on. ''Good morning Redpaw'' Bluefur greeted Redpaw padding towards her ''Did you sleep well on your new nest?'' ''Quite lonely though, I'm the only apprentice now'' Redpaw meowed ''Well, you don't have to worry about that, Tigerkit, Whitekit and Thistlekit will join you soon'' she smiled ''We will have to start the first lesson now if you want to join burying Cloudkit with the elders'' ''Oh yeah...'' Redpaw thought again about Cloudkit and dipped her head ''Don't worry, I know how it feels, you'll get used to'' Bluefur whispered
:iconladymaliah:LadyMaliah 5 26







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Watch this groups please~!

Silkfur's Wish: I'm Co-Founder and the Founder is my sis NeriTheKitten
The Angel's Prophecy: Founder is my bestie TwentyOneAngels

Also check out her stories~!


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NeriTheKitten Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey,sis,I have an idea!>:3
Maybe in new times there could come new cats(those which made Shadowstar and others to go to mothermouth)that there could be new cultures and old one.If ya want to hear examples tell me!:3
LadyMaliah Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow! cool idea sis! :3

tell me everything!!!
NeriTheKitten Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

So,there is a leader,deputy and side deputy.Elders don't sit around and do nothing,they help kits and take care of them and help queens.If cats love each other,they're mates when the leader makes a ceremony and names them as mates.(like weddings)
She-cats need to wear feathers if they have/had kits and they need to wear a feather to prove from which flan they are.
The new cats don't believe in StarClan,but they do believe in a special cat,which controls other cats,and the after-life(after death the soul moves into the other body).When a cat becomes a father,they must watch over them at least one hour per day.
For you have more ideas,tell me!:3
LadyMaliah Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i LOVE them!!!! :D yesh, finally weddings!! >w< how about the feathers of riverclan (blue/grey) thunderclan (yellow/brown) shadowclan (black/purple) bloodclan (red/pink)? :3

well, maybe they can keep believing in starclan? :3 but also believe on the special cat? how about we name him/her 'the soul keeper'? and only gives the afterlife to the cats that regret their lives or maybe that lived very short like kits or apprentices or that died worthlessly? :3
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spottedflame1141 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for the invite, but I'm not really into the Warrior Cat fandom anymore.. Kinda grew out of it. 
Thank you though!
LadyMaliah Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its alright! ^^
Dreemurres Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this isnt a real warrior cat group is it...? ( fan made?? )
NeriTheKitten Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No.This is a group about Warrior Cats fan stories/fan fictions.These include many storied which Warrior Cats make with their own characters,clans,stories,prophecies,etc. and they can include the characters and many stuff from original books/series.
The highlights of the group are 
Bloodstar's pain
The Angel Prophecy
Silkfur's wish 
and many more!
You can check them all out if you want!All of them are here in this group.
But,this group isn't only for those things.We would like all the members to be active here,so we all menaged to post our drawings here.
If you are writing/want to write a story like these,tell us and if you need help or want some of characters from other highlighted series then tell us and we'll see what we can do.
Thanks for reading! 
RavensEclipse22305 Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Its fanmade from a fanfic. Don't ask me how I know, I just got the invitation.
AngelOfUndead Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Student General Artist
Can you re-send my join request please. 
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